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The working title for the pedestal installation studies (top row) at SOAG (Ithaca, NY) is the same as PLACE BETWEEN TWO WATERS (1973), which uses sand and clay. THE PLACE BETWEEN (2018), a large installation using sand and glass, does not refer to a literal landscape, but to the reflection that forms between the lens of the glass and the color pattern in the sand. TRANSPARENT MOVES uses glass forms that blend and magnify, reflect and project color.  The image for the Mt. Saviour Monastery MEMORIAL PLAQUE (final information below) uses an original 'reflection in the glass' detail from THE PLACE BETWEEN.  SPECTRAL PROJECTIONS are a variety of color patterns projected from prisms hanging in the window.

The MEMORIAL PLAQUE commission is a nine panel metal print with laser engraved names, Mount Saviour Monastery, Pine City, New York, 2019. Photographer Wenlu Bao, Computer Assistant Gabrielle Higgins, Project Assistant Benjamin Farr.

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